Oct 312014

“Pick of the Week” is a home I’ve recently toured in person which I believe makes for a great buy based on its status as a Great Home Design in a Great Location for a Great Price!

Hello Friends,

Back to West Oakland I’m going with this week’s pick, partially just because it’s such a hotbed of restoration and renewal of Oakland. When I drove up to this home one of the first things I noticed was how homes on either side of this one in this turn of the century neighborhood were recently renovated. Then I looked across the street and saw how three more of them were being worked on by contractor crews restoring that trio. As I looked around the neighborhood I saw perhaps a glimpse of the future where this incredibly convenient and charming part of Oakland is bustling with pedestrian traffic heading back and forth from the West Oakland BART station just a few blocks away and growing the ever-expanding “transit village” concept. Getting to the nuts and bolts here, this home is a quality restoration of a 1919 farmhouse-style, two-story Edwardian. The location is clearly a huge benefit, but the home itself lends itself to a great lifestyle as well. With three bedrooms and two full baths the home has two of the bedrooms and one bath upstairs, and the third bedroom and second full bath downstairs. So it’s perfectly set up for roommates, if that’s what you’re looking for. For a family, or anyone wanting to start a family, the second room upstairs makes a lovely nursery. And with a nice living room and full dining room, this home is perfectly well set up for holiday gatherings and special occasions to celebrate. Step outside and you’ll see a space for off-street parking, plus more space for urban gardening as well. All in all, when you factor in the price especially, this home just has the makings of a great place to live AND a great investment in a neighborhood of the bay area that may soon become the latest in restored classics. Great home to check out!

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