Oct 282016

If you’re okay with being transported to the Mediterranean— while just over the hill from Oakland in Orinda— I think you’ll like what you see, feel, and soak in here at this beautiful home on Moraga Via. My shopping for clients has recently taken me through the Caldecott tunnel for homes in our wonderful and amazing valleys west of Mt. Diablo in Lafayette and Orinda. What I’ve found in my searches for homes in these neighborhoods has been a journey that grows more and more interesting as these serene locations reveal themselves to me. The canyons and the hillside forests;  the sprawling valley views where Mt. Diablo pokes out above the tops of nearer hills; the seasonal creek beds just recently flowing with water; and probably most of all, the free spirit of the bay area alive and well deep up into the windy streets of many of these suburban oases. Please be sure to click on the photo above and take your time clicking through the photos of this charming home in the MLS listing. Needless to say, it’s one of the high end examples and its attention to luxury (and perhaps some regal history) is perhaps another world for many. But its setting on a half acre with its embrace of the valley lifestyle just seems to be an extension of someone’s dream— a dream that may be exactly yours, or maybe not. It’s just cool to see yet another thread in the local tapestry, this time valley-style.