Oct 172014

“Pick of the Week” is a home I’ve recently toured in person which I believe makes for a great buy based on its status as a Great Home Design in a Great Location for a Great Price!

Hello Friends,

I think the big deal here is that this home has so much of what a new home buyer in Oakland will want, and for a fairly reasonable price at this point. Any of you who have been shopping, and touring on Sundays, and making offers over and over know. You know this. It’s a hot market in Oakland right now, and great properties generally have numerous suitors all vying for a chance to be the winning bidder. It’s challenging, no doubt. So what is occurring, as a very natural effect in the market, is demand is pushing out into neighborhoods that previously weren’t as high on the list in the past for investors who renovate homes in Oakland. The demand is creating the market for these investors who are truly rebuilding many of Oakland’s classic neighborhoods that are all filled with wonderful craftsman bungalows and charming Victorians and Edwardians. Many of these neighborhoods have endured eras that weren’t so kind to them, and some of the remnants of those eras certainly remain. But I so clearly recall when I first moved to Glenview in 2006, how there was a fairly significant number of those remnants in Glenview then too. I recall Temescal in the same boat years ago. I remember when few clients would even consider looking at homes in NOBE or West Oakland, and those areas are growing to be some of the most desired (and pricey) locations in the city for new home buyers. So as I travel through Oakland’s newly emerging neighborhoods every week I have seen these transformations with my own eyes. Seeing the contractor trucks parked up and down the streets of these neighborhoods always gives me comfort. In fact, as a case in point, just two doors down from this home is another that’s being renovated right now. And right next door is one that was renovated around a year ago. All I can say about this to you frustrated home shoppers is that the price you want is available in Oakland, and it’s available for a home like this one that has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, a detached garage, a usable backyard space, an unfinished basement, and in nicely remodeled condition. But if you want it in a neighborhood that’s already emerged into “pricey-town” you’d better add two or three hundred thousand bucks to the price. And if you take a look now at some of those pioneers who ignored the nay-sayers about Temescal and NOBE 5-7 years ago and went ahead and bought in those neighborhoods (probably mostly because the price was working for them at the time) you’ll see how their home values have skyrocketed. Wouldn’t you enjoy such a financial boon yourself? Check out 2529 Coolidge Ave in Oakland.

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