Nov 212014

“Pick of the Week” is a home I’ve recently toured in person which I believe makes for a great buy based on its status as a Great Home Design in a Great Location for a Great Price!

Hello Friends,

When you scroll down and look at the ones I chose this week you’ll see some super fancy spots, no doubt. And if Pablo “Panda” Sandoval comes calling I can say I will definitely take him to a couple of those in this week’s list. But back in the real world this week’s pick was really indisputable for me with this one right here on Magee Avenue in Upper Laurel. First off, what a nice spot in the neighborhood! It’s located on a corner lot with a side entrance to the detached garage in back, and when you scan across to view the home’s neighbors within eyeshot you’ll see one nice one after another. Just a great vibe on this street and in the neighborhood in general. Taking a closer look, this 1925 2/1 bungalow is no giant by any means. But it’s actually bigger than it looks, as it has a very functional basement with its own separate entrance. So the basement has numerous potential uses and could ultimately work out well for anyone who wants to expand the home. Beautiful wood floors and original period details are preserved in the home, while updating in both the kitchen and bath will really set it off once the new owner takes those projects on. But without question, the great prize here is the location. Homes nearby are selling well into the $600s, so owning this one with its great opportunities for updating and possible expansion make it a very intriguing investment. Let alone that it will be a charming place to simply call home! Laurel, and Dimond, and Lincoln Heights are all sweet spots in Oakland’s hills between I-580 and Hwy 13, and the homes coming on the market here are quick to jump off the proverbial shelves. Great one here for anyone interested in this lovely neighborhood, and when you consider what can be done with it the home sings as a great buy!

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