Dec 052014

“Pick of the Week” is a home I’ve recently toured in person which I believe makes for a great buy based on its status as a Great Home Design in a Great Location for a Great Price!

Hello Friends,

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving holiday last week! Back to it this week now looking for the great deals in real estate in Oakland now, and this week I am choosing one that I think looks like a super opportunity. All of us who have been shopping for homes in Oakland know how trying to purchase is so often a story of repeatedly matching up against competing offers for homes on the market. It’s tough. And for buyers who have made numerous offers without success it can be a major disappointment. Sometimes when looking through the seller’s disclosures it’s hard to believe how some homes can possibly command such prices without being in absolutely perfect condition. But in the hot market there are still a few strategies that can help a buyer in securing a good deal, such as looking for homes that actually DO have needs for repairs; looking for homes where the seller will take offers right away once listed and looking for homes that fell out of contract and have returned to the market, to name a few. Looking for homes that have been on the market over 30-40 days is another one that can sometimes have promise. Sure, if they haven’t sold right away it seems like there must be something amiss. But in that regard, you have to weigh out the facts of the home’s condition and its amenities for yourself. What’s acceptable to you may be different from what’s acceptable to others who considered the home, and it may be a perfect fit for you when it wasn’t for others. And this home, I believe, fits into a category like this. At press time, this home has been on the market 46 days. This charming home did go into contract once and then came back on the market. So it sure seems like it’s fitting into one of those where perhaps a good deal can be secured. It’s very spacious with two bedrooms and a full bath on both the upper and lower levels. It has a huge back yard with mature trees, a large patio area and a gazebo. It has an attached garage with interior access. It’s a great looking 1945 home in desirable Leona Heights and it beckons for a walk-thru. It’s got a great vibe, with lots of natural light inside, and it’s one well worth looking into for anyone shopping this price range in this hot market.

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