Jul 122013

Arguably an important movie for many of us, especially here in the bay area, to see, you can read an interesting review here from the East Bay Express, and go see it for yourself on its opening weekend along with many who no doubt will find it a very emotionally wrenching story to revisit:

Writer-director Coogler’s goal is clear — to put a human face on Grant, to make him recognizable, to sketch in a few of the details of his life (the factual details, but also some metaphorical ones), so we can try to understand how a young man’s life can be so hurriedly wasted. We need to know who Oscar Grant is, not only to discover the truth about him, but about ourselves and our construction of everyday social reality.

Oscar, as portrayed by TV actor Michael B. Jordan, is no angel. From strategically placed flashbacks we learn that he has served time in San Quentin for drug dealing, and as we follow him in the last days of his life we see him reverting to his familiar connections, but at the last moment throwing away the bag of weed he was going to sell. Oscar has a short fuse, and there are those from his days in prison who consider him a snitch. But at age 22 he’s trying his best to patch things up and lead the family life with his girlfriend Sophina (Melonie Diaz) and their toddler daughter Tatiana, better known as T (Ariana Neal). Oscar is especially tender with his little girl, and relates warmly to his in-laws.