Jun 282013

I’m a big fan of this concept.  Let’s bring mental nourishment and physical nourishment together all summer!  From the EastBayExpress.com:

Two years ago, Lindsay was approached by the Alameda County Community Food Bank about the possibility of serving food at the library to youths under eighteen, in partnership with the City of Oakland. “The executive director said that in California, 75 percent of school kids who get free lunch during the school year don’t get it during the summer,” Lindsay recalled. The percentage is slightly less in Alameda County.

The food bank’s summer lunch program began distributing free lunches at parks and recreation centers, churches, and other places throughout Oakland 28 years ago. Libraries were a natural fit. “We see the spike in childhood hunger each summer when school lets out and children lose their free or reduced-priced lunch and breakfast,” said Allison Pratt, the food bank’s director of policy and services. “This is an added burden of ten meals per week per child for a family already struggling to put a healthy meal on the table. We have found over the years that the best strategy to connect children to the free summer lunch program is to offer the program at places where children naturally gather during the summer months. For this reason, libraries are very attractive locations.”