May 282013

Interesting article in the East Bay Express about the Restorative Justice program in the Oakland Unified School District which has shown measurable progress in reducing conflicts between students in schools but also fears for its continued funding:

Teachers and administrators at Montera say the restorative justice program at their school has not only reduced conflict and the number of violent outbreaks on campus, but it also has cut the number of student suspensions and expulsions. Similar results have played out in more than a dozen public schools across the city this year. Restorative justice “means a complete shift in our thinking as a school,” said Montera Principal Tina Tranzor. “I am very much a rule-follower,” she added. “I was an attorney, a military brat. Punitive is in my blood. But restorative justice is life-changing for our students. The kids are more aware in their thought processes about what they’re doing. It has an impact on the rest of their life.”