May 232014

“Pick of the Week” is a home I’ve recently toured in person which I believe makes for a great buy based on its status as a Great Home Design in a Great Location for a Great Price!

3049 Middleton Street, Oakland

This week I got on the freeway from Glenview and drove east on I-580 to see a home in the neighborhood called Sheffield Village that straddles the border of Oakland and San Leandro. When I got on the freeway my GPS lady told me to “continue on I-580 for seven miles.”  Seven miles? I thought to myself: Goodness, this better be good! Having recently explored both further east and further north in Oakland I’ll admit it’s been a while since I drove out seven miles from basically the center of town where I live and work, but I’ll happily testify that that drive was pretty quick and it was more than worth it. As described by some of its long time residents in their Yelp page, Sheffield Village was a idyllic place for families, “It was Wally & The Beaver all the way. MIlk was delivered to your house, so was dry cleaning.” With its nearby parklands with their creeks and hills there are fond memories recalled by those who grew up there. But a review that really stood out was one written by a recent transplant named Nicole K. whose review from 2013 could probably be best described as gushing. Here it is in its entirety:

We’re considered ‘new’ to the village, having only lived here four years.

The moment we drove into the neighborhood from San Leandro to view a home, we knew we wanted to live here. Craftsman style homes from the ’30s and ’40s beckoned with their brick paths to welcoming front porches. Someone waved as we drove up to the house (seriously, this happened). The week we moved in, we had cookies and flowers delivered to our doorstep by various neighbors welcoming us to the neighborhood. Having lived in Kansas, NYC, SF and Berkeley, four very different locales, I have never been welcomed so wholeheartedly to a place. I’m paying it forward by trying to welcome other new neighbors with homemade jam. 😉 The neighborhood has a Facebook page and a yahoo group where neighbors post about loose dogs, household goods free to villagers, security issues, borrowing tools and other neighborhood issues. People are mostly courteous and always generous. There’s an express bus that picks up people who work in the city and delivers them to the TransBay Terminal with only one stop, wifi and comfortable seats. The village is walking distance to an organic-focused family-owned grocery store (Estudillo Produce), a butcher shop, Starbucks, a community coffee shop with a backyard patio and more. We can’t believe our luck and are so excited to raise our young son in such a warm, caring community (which, incidentally, is full of young families and babies now). A hidden gem, the jewel of Oakland to be certain.

I think that puts it really well. And with the scene set by that info, all I want to say about this home is that it’s just a beauty! It’s quite spacious with a detached two car garage in front (rather than in back) of the house with a lovely little courtyard in between it and the home’s entrance. Once inside the layout is in somewhat of an “L” shape where there is a wing to the right of the center axis that makes up the living room with two banks of windows, one facing towards the front courtyard and a second facing towards the back yard. The two bedrooms and one and a half baths on this floor are more than ample in size and the kitchen is also good-sized and fairly recently remodeled. Natural light fills this main floor and the beautiful wood floors give it a warm vibe inside. And then downstairs you have a very large extra space that could easily be a great in-law or space for a renter or housemate. It has its own access to the back yard and provides a significant amount of extra space in the home. Out back you’ll see a lovely view of the hills surrounding Sheffield Village and there are plenty of mature trees providing both shade and privacy. Oh, and right next to the property line on the right side is one of the paths used by residents to access the common amenities maintained by the homeowner’s assocation in the village such as the club house and the tennis courts. Overall, I think what you’ll find in Sheffield Village is a neighborhood plan that has stood the test of time. The streets are curved and the homes are well-tended. And according to those who live there, most importantly, the folks are very friendly. Sounds like a little piece of paradise! You can check this one out this Sunday afternoon, or of course you can just contact me for a private appointment to see it! Great, great home that was well worth a seven mile drive from Glenview to visit!

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