Sep 262014

“Pick of the Week” is a home I’ve recently toured in person which I believe makes for a great buy based on its status as a Great Home Design in a Great Location for a Great Price!

Hello Friends,

In today’s pick I’m making my pitch for Lower Laurel and Allendale as two neighborhoods where great improvements continue to occur. As the wave of demand sweeps over Oakland there are neighborhoods that are seeing a new influx of home buyers that they maybe wouldn’t have seen in a cooler market. And investors are definitely taking note. Driving through some of these areas you can see where past eras have been less kind to them, but you can also see more and more contractor trucks driving through and more and more carpenters, plumbers, painters and workers steadily tapping away improving homes in the neighborhood. I see it all the time, and I have to say one of the great pleasures I get as a Realtor in Oakland is to see how neighborhoods are transforming. I wish I could count how many times I’ve heard from one person or another from the surrounding areas, who claims to be familiar with Oakland (usually because they lived in Oakland many years ago), dismissing whole swaths of neighborhoods as somehow unworthy. But even within the last few years, as I drive through so many of them I see with my own eyes how the high demand in the bay area has made a significant impact on many neighborhoods in Oakland. It’s just impossible not to see it. West Oakland, NOBE, Temescal, Dimond, Laurel, Maxwell Park, Millsmont and many others have all jumped by leaps and bounds in some cases. So, for those who claim to know Oakland’s neighborhoods, I hope you will consider the possibility that it may be nothing like you remember from ten years ago when you lived here. It’s just not. And this home on Santa Rita is a great example of the work that our local investors and contractors have put into  a wonderful 1924 craftsman farm house where they’ve preserved the period charm, but have updated in the important parts such as the kitchen and bath. And in this one they finished the entire attic space as well, making a significant amount of additional space available for use in the home. Walk out back and check out what is now a very large blank canvas for a great landscape designer. The lot is 5850 square feet and it has a detached tandem 2-car garage sitting back there just waiting for the craftsman or artist or mechanic to inhabit it. And while this home is in what we call “fully-renovated” condition, it still shows an enormous amount of potential for more. This one will be open Sunday if you want to get out and check it out. Or, of course, you can contact me about a private showing. We’ll see what we can do about getting a good price on this one should you choose to take it that far! Very nice one here in a neighborhood you may want to give a second look to if you haven’t been in a while.

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