May 282013

Saw this article today in the SF Chronicle and was reminded that this is where I saw Star Wars when it first came out in 1977. Excerpt from the article below:

I was in the Chronicle’s basement archives last fall, looking for images of the old Fox Theatre in San Francisco, when I came across a small brown envelope with just a few words in blue marker: “Star Wars — Movie at the Coronet: Theater lines.” 

I was so excited I didn’t even wait to get to the light table that was five paces away. I pulled out a negative, held it up to one of the overhead fluorescent lights, and immediately recognized the mob of people surrounding the old Coronet Theatre on May 28, 1977 — three days after the opening of “Star Wars.” The photos were posted on The Big Event the following Thursday.

The Coronet continued to be known as “the ‘Star Wars’ theater” when it was demolished in 2007. But I was still pleasantly surprised when scores of local residents, “Star Wars” fans and Coronet employees posted comments and sent e-mails with vivid and lasting memories. I immediately planned a Pink section story and the oral history you’ll find below.

If you enjoy this project, please share it with your friends on social media, by e-mail or any other means. I’m looking forward to your Coronet/”Star Wars” memories in the comments …