Nov 252013


Heidi and I had a very fun and relaxing drive down the San Mateo County coast yesterday, and this pic above is one I took as the sun went down on our journey.  Beginning with a stop off to get some picnic supplies at New Leaf Community Market in Half Moon Bay we continued on to San Gregorio Beach where we found a more than pleasing spot on the beach to eat lunch.  The temperature must have been in the mid-60s, the sky was as clear as a bell, and there was virtually no wind by coastal standards, for sure.  Such calm moments by the ocean are gems all by themselves, and to enjoy the sun and the ocean on a late-November Sunday afternoon is just yet another of our amazing opportunities here in the Bay Area.  Our journey after lunch continued on to a stop at San Gregorio General Store— located in the town of San Gregorio, and a place that truly shouldn’t be missed on a drive down this particular stretch of coastline.  Great live music fills the room of this wonderful establishment that enables shopping for such a variety of items ranging from cookware to hats, to cards and books, to general hardware and frontier supplies— all with a full bar and great coffee!  And lastly along this coastal drive, on the way home it was a lovely stop-off at Moss Beach Landing for the sunset pictured above before a northbound Highway One drive back through San Francisco on to Oakland.  Oh, and can’t leave out a tasty bite to eat at Oakland’s Plum Bar before arriving home.  Had a great burger and got introduced to an Italian liqueur called Fernet Branca, which made for a great digestif after dinner, I thought.  It was a great time on a Sunday, and one that I think sincerely captures the “WeekendWanderings” concept!