Jan 262015

Hello Friends,

In my always-evolving effort to provide you guys with useful information I am beginning today what I believe should be a regular Monday thing, where I provide links to the MLS Listings of single family homes that have recently sold in Oakland in the five categories I always publish in for active listings: Namely $200k-$400k, $400k-$600k, $600k-$800k, $800k-$1M, and $1M and above. The links below will provide info for the last 30 days, so in the coming weeks it will overlap. But clearly, for anyone who is attempting to get a feel for a certain price range, what homes are selling for in relation to their list prices, and how long homes are lasting on the market, this will be valuable info. Hope it helps you in your search!

37 Sales $200k-$400k

25 Sales $400k-$600k

20 Sales $600k-$800k

6 Sales $800k-$1M

8 Sales over $1M