Dec 022013


Took this shot on Thanksgiving Day (at sunset, obviously) from the deck of a family member’s home.  (You know who you are!  Thanks again for a very fun holiday!)  Hoping everybody had a chance to visit with family and friends this past week, which also coincided with Hanukkah this year for the one and only time in all of our lifetimes, apparently.   So, wow!  Thanks also to some friends in Walnut Creek for coming up with a great idea to celebrate with a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Love that idea, and what a fun time that was too!  Heard a great tip this year at Thanksgiving dinner that I’ll share with you all:  Especially if you’re having trouble sleeping, take a moment each evening before going to sleep and write in a journal five things you are grateful for before turning off the light to doze off.  It’s a great key to happiness to be grateful for, and to fill our minds with, that which we HAVE— rather than what we don’t have.  Seemed like good advice.

Best wishes to all as we head into this year’s holiday season!